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Connect to your calendar and you can find out how many deductible miles you drove in 2011, 2012, or 2013.

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Mileage Log

Once MileLogr calculates how many miles you drove, it will generate a mileage log report that you can download or print. The price of the report depends on the number of miles driven. If you update your calendar you can regenerate the report without having to pay again.

Up to 250 Miles 251-2500 Miles More than 2500 Miles
$4.99 $19.99 1 cent per mile

Here's an example of the value MileLogr provides:

Miles traveled
in 2013
Potential savings
(30% tax bracket)
Report Price
250 $141.25 $42.38 $4.99
2,500 $1,412.50 $423.75 $19.99
15,000 $8,475.00 $2,542.50 $150.00