MileLogr can be used to track miles for just about any purpose. In the current version it is optimized for deducting mileage from your IRS 1040 tax return. We are now extending to monthly expense reports and would love to hear what YOU want.

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When we left our corporate jobs we were suddenly self-employed and driving all over the Seattle area for meetings. It occurred to us that we could probably deduct the mileage and car expenses from taxes, but it seemed like a total pain to keep track of driving.

One day Charlie had an epiphany:

"Everything I do is on my digital online calendar. Most of the calendar entries have some indication of where the meeting took place. Why not use that information to generate the mileage log?"

So he teamed up with Stefan to take that epiphany and turn it into a useful product. By April of 2012 we built a prototype that enabled an easy $1674 tax deduction.

We hope MileLogr keeps you from paying taxes you don't owe! Let us know what you think.